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Our Proclamation:
Here at The Bucket List Dream Foundation (for Seniors) we have our own Dream. Our heart's desire is to bless our mothers and fathers, grandparents, or dear friends, who have been diagnosed with a teminal illness, with the means of fulfilling a final dream from their Bucket List, that one dream that they would so much love to do but they just don’t have the means to accomplish by themselves or through family. Everyone has a Bucket List, but very few of us have a rich or powerful friend that would help us realize our dreams. Our hope is to provide our special loved ones with a final joyous experience, an extra special memory to carry with them and help bring them to a peaceful completion of their lives.

Our Philosophy:
We believe that in today’s society, a large number of our elderly are being pushed to the way side, some even forgotten. Many of our senior citizens feel as though they do not even exist, as though the whole world is passing by them without notice. Our eldest used to be revered in olden times because of their wisdom, and knowledge of the world. Why should this be any different now? Here at The Bucket List Dream Foundation (for Seniors) our reasoning is that our grandparents, mothers and fathers are a treasure and should be treated as such. And we intend to realize this belief for as many of these loved ones as possible. To understand more about why this foundation was created, please visit the “About Us” tab.

Bucket Lists:
Some examples of Bucket List Dreams could be traveling to visit relatives or even to a beautiful place that you have always wanted to see; Going on that fishing trip that you could never afford; Bringing your family to you from far away; Catching that amazing play that you always hear about. There are so many possible dreams and so many out there who are dreaming them right now and thinking that they will never come true. We are here to see that they do.

The Bucket List Dream Foundation (for Seniors)

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