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Hello, my name is Lennie S. Behe and I created The Bucket List Dream Foundation (for Seniors). The idea came to me when my mother, Sung “Tony” Glidden, was diagnosed with Primary Peritoneal Cancer, which is much like Ovarian Cancer, in June of 2009. Six months later, after chemotherapy, we were given the news that the treatment did not work and there was nothing else that could be done for her. My mother was given less than a year to live.

Despite this news my mother has kept a very positive attitude and voiced to me that there was one thing she wished she could do before she dies and that is to go home to Korea to see the friends and family members whom she has not been able to see in so very long but it was the one thing that she could not afford. I wanted nothing more than to send my mother to Korea and to provide her with the means to enjoy herself while she is there but like so many others I just did not have the financial ability.

I mourned my mother’s fate for several days and started thinking back on my past, you see this is not the first time I have dealt with cancer. This disease has darkened my life twice before, once with a very dear friend who died at an early age from a brain tumor and then my daughter at the age of four who by the grace of God survived cancer after struggling with it for five years. Both times I had to reach out for help and was greatly blessed by many caring people. At first I wanted to simply raise money for my mother so that she could go on her trip but I began to realize that maybe I was here for something more, to make a difference in more than just those that are near to me. Helping those with cancer and their families has always been very close to my heart because of all that I have been through.

So I decided that I would start a foundation, not only for my mother but for anyone who might be in a similar situation. After researching other foundations I learned that there are many out there for children but only a very few for our Elderly and none that were specifically aimed toward seniors with a terminal illness.

My hope, my dream is to start a Foundation that can help fulfill some of the last dream of these loved ones, our mothers and fathers, our other family members and dear friends. What is their “Bucket List” and how can we help them do something that they and their families alone could not afford to do? How can we help them accomplish an unlikely dream? Like I said before, there are very few foundations set apart for our Elderly, help me start something that is focused on those that are so often forgotten, the ones that cared for us through the years and paved the way for our future.

  • Lennie S. Behe (Founder/President)   
  • Mary A. Cifers  

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